"In the modern workplace, sitting is unavoidable. Some chairs make it pleasant, but none can stop the harm of insufficient movement."

HEALTH GUARD™ offers a unique and easy way to reverse the battle:

  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • Prevents ailments caused by motionless sitting
  • Increases the regeneration of synovial fluid in joints

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“When you sit, your large muscles are relaxed, and enzyme activity drops by 90% to 95%, leaving fat to camp out in the bloodstream. Within a couple hours of sitting, healthy cholesterol plummets by 20%”

Obesity, diabetes, deep veins clots…

Our muscles crave exercise, but boss’s frowns or heavy workload (at office) and addiction to computer games or to social networks (at home) make even short exercise all but a wish.

But health activity (gym, walking) will help. Right? WRONG! Leading scientists say it bluntly: Sitting is the new smokingRecent studies show: Just like in case of smoking, regular workouts in leisure time do not compensate for the damage caused by motionless sitting.

And, unlike smoking, we cannot quit sitting at the modern workplace. HEALTH GUARD™ is an ideal sitting aid because it activates large leg muscles without hindering your desk tasks.

While HEALTH GUARD™ induces prolonged slow leg movements, it:

  • Does not distract your attention from work;
  • Leaves the upper body stable for error-less typing and mousing;
  • Enables adjusting the mechanical resistance to each individual;
  • Needs no connection to AC or to computer;
  • Enables wireless monitoring of the time of muscle flexion.


                              How  HEALTH GUARD™ compares to elliptical bikes and treadmill desks



Elliptical bikes

Treadmill desks

Get all your office work done while exercising


Yes (& typing mistakes)

Not likely - unless you can walk all working hours.

Exercise while comfortably seated on your favorite chair



No, you have to walk.

Stable upper body for mistake- free typing & mousing


Upper body swings slightly & increases typing mistakes  

No, because upper body moves with every step you take.

Safe, self-powered exercise machine. Stops when you do.



No, s driven by an electric motor. Misstep means slip and fall.

Joints-friendly smooth leg motion, possible with one leg only

Horizontal sliding


No, and both legs must be healthy

Exercise intensity has a range of adjustment



No, because you can only walk so fast and still get work done.

Fully compatible with the chair and desk you already have


NO: knees bump if you use low ergonomic keyboard tray

No, needs more space for large appliance in cubicle, office, home.

Unobtrusive when not in use


NO: stands under your desk

NO, occupies 78" x 67" of floor 

Compatible with high heels



Yes, but dangerous

US patents





3 lb.

27 lb.

60~250 lb.

Additional footprint

18” x 23.5”

78" x 67"


HEALTH GUARD™ integrates flawlessly in your office environment: 

  • When not exercising, it leaves no obstacles under the desk;
  • When not exercising, your chair easily rolls on the floor, swivels and reclines;
  • Compatible with high heel shoes;
  • Does not impede fast evacuation in case of emergency.